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8 Lessons in Growing Up Low-Income

I believe there's always lessons to be learned in the struggles life has for us, and I also believe that you can either succumb to those circumstances or you can take them, try to thrive despite them, and make the best of a negative situation. The choice is yours.As for me, here's what I've learned and what's shaped me into the person I am today. 

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High School Me vs. Adult Me

If I went back in time and showed up in front of 17-year old Aaron and told him "Hey! I'm you in 10 years." I wouldn't have believed him. Why? Well, picture me now and strip away the long hair, the black clothing, the fashion styling career, any sense of fashion in general, most of the confidence, most of my attitude, add insecurity, add a ton of being quiet and shy, and you'll have high school Aaron.

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