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Styled by Aaron: Fashion Blogger Abena Antwiwaa

First things first, you are now reading the first entry in Styled by Aaron, a feature in which I style local Denver creatives (bloggers, musicians, that cool Pizza Hut delivery guy, etc) and show you a little bit about who they are. Watch as I dress up the city of Denver. Who will be my next v̶i̶c̶t̶i̶m̶ guest? Maybe you. Stay tuned.

It seems to be an unwritten rule that if you're in fashion, whether it's styling, designing, modeling, or blogging, then working retail at Nordstrom is going to cross your path at some point. I worked in TBD within the women's department last Fall/Winter (fun fact: TBD doesn't stand for The Best Department as some TBD employees would like to believe, it literally stands for "To be determined" because the section's title was to be determined and it never got determined. Therefore, it was left as TBD. Fancy, huh?) and while there I met a fashion blogger named Abena Antwiwaa of Style by Abena. Originally from Ghana, Abena is a stylish, down-to-earth person that I can always be open and have a laugh with. 


To style Abena, I took into account Fall fashion and layers but I also wanted to take advantage of the fact that a light color would pop against her melanin. As a fan of a good creative blend myself, I went with a nude and grey color palette. Nude is more of a Spring color, but just because it's Fall doesn't mean all your color has to go back in the closet. I kept with the season with a grey dress, black belt, and a lovely pair of grey, over the knee elastic high heel boots. I wanted Abena to look like she's going to have a drink with a friend, which made Union Station the perfect setting.


Aaron: "What's your blog all about?"

Abena: "My blog is a portfolio of all my work. The blog includes fashion, beauty and some of my modeling stuff. It’s my baby!"

Aaron: "Favorite place in Denver to have a drink with the girls?"

Abena: "My favorite place to have drinks with the girls has to be Ophelia’s. There is just so much going on at all times. It’s a fun spot for sure.


Aaron: "Fall must-have?"

Abena: "Fall is my favorite season for fashion. I think it’s also the most fashionable. My fall must haves include accessories like the baker hat/ berets, I am looking anything checkered right now and layers.

Aaron: "Tell me about being an aspiring model?"

Abena: "I’ve been doing a little bit of modeling here and there for a while now actually. If I ever decided to do it seriously it would be for print modeling or commercial modeling. Modeling is so much fun and I love the camera."


If you haven't yet, be sure to check out Abena on Instagram @stylebyabena and stay tuned to see who I style next.

Photos by Shaun Asakura