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Styled by Aaron- Outdoor Photographer Kelly Calvillo

Kelly Calvillo is leaving for Remote Year! I was downloading her photos for this blog post and got a little misty-eyed. For today's Styled by Aaron, I got to dress the amazing outdoor photographer herself. I've only known Kelly for a few months but every time I see her, she's all smiles, inspiration, and has this uncanny knack of catching me during awkward moments. If I bent down to pick up something and my pants happened to rip, fate would find a way to make sure Kelly was there to witness it. Before she treks across the globe on her new adventure, I wanted to capture Kelly in her element. Using a denim jumpsuit, a statement necklace, and a wide brim hat, I wanted to paint Kelly in a coffee shop setting and ask her what’s next on her journey.


"How do you feel about going away for Remote Year?"

Kelly: Remote Year is definitely a gateway of opportunity for me. I can feel the growing pains and fear set in anytime I start to think of the people I'm leaving in Colorado, but at the end of the day it's my ultimate dream to travel the world by photographing it. I think the saying "if your dreams don't scare you, get a new dream" is highly applicable here."

"What's your personal style like?"

Kelly: Before I was an outdoor photographer about 2-3 years ago, I would barely get in the dirt or even the mountains. I would dress to the nines no matter the occasion, dresses and heels or booties if Loub's weren't appropriate. Now since I work outdoors and sometimes dangerous locations I try to keep it fashionable in a functional way. I try to rock high top converse with a trendy pant and layer a matching top with some sort of green army jacket. When it's raining, I opt for knee high flat boots, and a long tailored raincoat. If you catch me in the city, you know I will be wearing heels and a dress. You can take the girl out of the city but not the city out of the girl."

For Kelly’s second outfit, I wanted to capture a sense of her city style in a nature setting. A white tulle dress, a navy striped blazer, a double-buckle belt and a grey hat made for a more intimate and adventurous portrait. Kelly’s photographic eye was very clear as she chose the backdrops in which Blake Jackson and I would display her.

AL7A6067-final (1).jpg

"What's your photography all about? How long have you been doing it?"

Kelly: Photography and I have always had this love/hate relationship. As a full-time freelance photographer, when your passion becomes your full-sourced income it's extremely important to make sure your love doesn't fade. As a travel/outdoor photographer, my greatest way of doing so is to keep moving locations, as well as moving forward with perspectives of the world. I try to evolve as time goes on even though I've technically only been shooting for two years now. It's been a short fast tracked road to being a travel photographer, but I suppose it's similar to finding a soulmate. When you know, you know.

"Favorite place to watch the sunset/sunrise in Colorado?"

Kelly: Well, if you're looking to catch the sunrise or sunset you're talking to the right girl. I don't have one favorite spot that I find is best, but here are my recommendations. If you're feeling a sunrise, the top of Mount Evans is breathtaking. So is Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. There's just something about getting above 14,000 Ft and watching the light hit just perfectly on the peaks that is unlike anything else. For sunsets, I always love to find something abnormal. Ultimate sunset spot is on the top dune at Great Sand Dunes National Park. It's a hell of a climb but damn it is worth it."


With that final thought in mind is how I will remember Kelly leaving Colorado on the next phase of her journey, climbing to see worthy things come to fruition. I only wish her the best.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next Styled by Aaron.

Photos by Blake Jackson